Education and Awareness of GMOs. Make the best choice when it comes to the food you eat!


(Eco Womb)

How can you make a difference?

Vote with your forks and your dollars, literally. If you can commit to STOP buying GMO foods, Monsanto loses profit. And, we all know that these companies 
are only concerned about profit, so hit them the only place it counts. The Non-GMO Project is the only U.S. 
third party verification for providing Non-GMO choices at this time. Look for their label so you know you are choosing Non-GMO, or choose USDA certified
organic, or shop at local farmer's markets and ask the farmers how they grow their food. Get to know your food and where it comes from!

Also, if you live in a state where GMO Labeling makes it on the ballot, do everything you can to pass it! 
And, if you live in a state that hasn't yet proposed a GMO Labeling ballot initiative, then do everything you can to make it happen! Or, support those business and organizations out there educating people on GMOs and 
leading the effort to label them. Vote with your fork and your dollar and don't buy foods that contain GMOs. Or, at least take a step toward that goal by
committing to not buy any GMO corn or GMO soy. Pick one of the top contenders and start there.

We do have the power to stand up to corporate giants, if we join together and speak out against the absurdity of them controlling our food supply! Stand up 
for farmers, stand up for your children, stand up for the health of our soil, our families, and our future!