June 8, 2015 Food, Lifestyle

Lay the foundation for a healthy tomorrow – GMOGONE!

Make Smarter Choices About GMOs. From Corn Flakes to Coke, soy milk and even baby formulas, many foods we eat daily contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs) that have quietly entered the American food supply over the last 15 years with little debate and no notification to shoppers. Today, with labeling fights brewing across the country and big brands like Cheerios and Chipotle going GMO free, the hidden story of our food system is finally coming to light. Millions of people are asking for the first time, what’s going on with GMOs?

Here is what you can do:

  • Avoid eating out unless you find a restaurant that uses ingredients which are 100% Organic and nonGMO
  • Look for the Non GMO Project Verified seal of approval on food products
  • Use this GMO Free shopping guide
  • Buy organic!!
  • If you are an omnivore, eat animals only raised on organic pasture land instead of being fed grains
  • If you eat grains, be sure you are buying organic to avoid consuming herbicides
  • Eat a simple, unprocessed whole foods diet
  • Get to know your farmers and buy locally
  • Learn more so you know the risks of consuming GMOs by watching movies such as Genetic Roulette
  • Learn more by reading this article, titled GMO Myths and Truths
  • Beyond food, think of purchasing up-cycled or used clothing, organic cotton or hemp clothing, or natural woolens. Cotton is heavily sprayed with chemicals and is one of the most common genetically engineered plants


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