About Us


In February of 2013, Suzanne Goodemote (CEO), had a heart attack. She wanted to know why this had occurred. After many questions and a considerable amount of research, she decided to take a closer look at the food she was eating and subsequently learned about GMOs and how they can affect the body.

Shortly after, she made the decision to completely remove genetically modified food from her diet for a period of one year to see if this, in fact, could be what caused her heart to malfunction. She then began blogging about her non-GMO journey in June of 2013. Six months later GMOGONE was formed.

The more we learned about GMOs and their potential dangers, we knew we had a responsibility to share it with others and to join the fight to get GMOs labeled.

Queue endless hours of research, getting out into the community and talking with farmers, collaborating with like-minded groups and individuals, and participating in community events to educate our neighbors about GMOs, all the while, promoting healthy eating and living.

We've recently joined with Green Polka Dot Box as a health merchant to offer non-GMO and organic food and products. Shopgmogone.com makes it easy for you to shop and provide clean, healthy food for your family.

Big things are happening behind the scenes at GMOGONE. Empowering others to live the healthiest life possible - we welcome you to come along with us on this journey.

Eat. Live. GMO free.

Who We Are


GMOGONE was formed as part of a grassroots movement to help educate others about genetically modified organisms (GMOs), to support GMO labeling, and to help promote change within the food industry.



To empower people to live healthy lives by providing education and awareness of today’s food industry practices so they can make a more informed decision about the foods they eat and feed their family.

Make the best choices when it comes to the foods you eat!
What We Do


We know that having the right information is essential to making an informed decision.

That's why we are committed to providing you with information about GMOs, the science behind them, the potential dangers and the effects they may have on our bodies and our environment.