Suzanne Goodemote

Suzanne GoodemoteCEO

Growing up with six siblings and as part of a restaurant family, Suzanne learned to appreciate fresh fruits and vegetables at an early age. Many of her formative years were spent in restaurant kitchens observing skilled chefs create appetizing dishes with choice and often local ingredients. In her job as a Teacher of the Blind and Visually Impaired, Suzanne has incorporated her love of food into lesson plans, summer camps and rehabilitation teaching. At home, Suzanne has always worked hard to create an environment which promotes healthy living and whole foods, a passion that she has passed on to her daughters. After suffering a heart attack in February 2013, Suzanne began to research our food system and found how gmos can play a part in our health. What she learned shocked her. As a result, Suzanne has eaten a 100% organic and nonGMO diet since June 1, 2013. She lost 30+ pounds, dropped from a size 12 to a size 6, and lowered her LDL “bad” cholesterol from 171 to 74, all in less than 200 days! Questioning the how and why of GMOs, Suzanne changed how her body reacts to food. Because she wants to help others learn how to do the same, Suzanne introduced gmogone as an educational tool to promote non gmo and organic agriculture, to fight for labeling genetically modified food, and to insist upon accountability from food manufacturers and lawmakers.

Alfred Busbee

Alfred BusbeeCOO

As a young man in the Navy, Alfred became aware of the importance of eating healthy and maintaining an active lifestyle. While traveling around the world throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Alfred sampled many different culturally diverse foods and his appreciation for real food grew immensely. After leaving the regimented life of an active sailor behind to join the ranks of the security industry, Alfred slowly let his roles of husband, father, and busy professional supersede his health. There were consequences. In 2004, after being treated for a Pulmonary Embolism and subsequently a DVT (deep vein thrombosis), Alfred decided to take a close look at his lifestyle. He quit smoking, rededicated himself to staying fit/active with regular exercise and began taking steps to rid his body of the side effects caused by the toxic medication that were prescribed to “combat” the blood clots. He began researching and discovered that he could heal his body naturally with food. With help from his wife, he learned about the many benefits of eating organic foods. Since eliminating highly processed and GMO laden foods from his diet and replacing them with organic/nonGMO brands, Alfred has been free of blood clots for over two years. He now enjoys having more energy and feels healthier than ever before.

Our Valuable Team Members

Tracy Busbee

Tracy BusbeeCommunity Relations Director

Tracy is a wife, mother, and a hackschool facilitator and learning coach for her son. She is a graduate of the Tennessee Institute of Healing Arts, a holistic health and massage therapy school. She has been intrigued by the healing power of herbs and essential oils since she was a teen, and, for the past several years, she has been making her own natural medicines and body care products for herself, family, and friends. Tracy enjoys experimenting with food and creating flavorful nonGMO snacks and dishes for her family and can often be found at her local farmer’s market acquiring organic foods to be used in one of her healthy recipes. She is passionate about eating real food, taking care of our bodies the way nature intended, and sharing her experience about living a healthy natural lifestyle with others.

Karen G. Stallings

Karen G. StallingsExecutive Chef

Karen is a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. Following graduation, Karen spent several years working in restaurants and in the hospitality industry. During this time, she provided consultation services for planning and opening a New American restaurant in New York’s Lower Hudson Valley where she also worked as one of the chefs de cuisine. Now as an avid home cook, Karen uses high quality and locally-sourced foods in her cooking to transform a simple set of ingredients into holistic gourmet dishes. Organic and nonGMO brands have taken on a new importance in her life with the recent birth of her son Caiden. Inspired by her role as a new mother and her culinary background, Karen is in the process of obtaining a nutrition degree to ensure the health of current and future generations by specializing in early childhood nutrition. Karen and her family currently reside in Denver, CO, a city involved in establishing a strong local food movement through the support of its local farmers and artisan food producers.

Eileen Robertson-Rehberg, PhD

Eileen Robertson-Rehberg, PhDFood Policy Analyst

Eileen Robertson-Rehberg has a multidisciplinary background with two masters’ degrees and a Doctorate in Policy Analysis. Dr. Rehberg’s research and activism embraces issues of social and environmental justice and community development. With her husband, Wes Rehberg, Dr. Rehberg traveled to many locations throughout Mexico and Central America in support of indigenous farmers often displaced or under threat of removal from small farms by industrial farming interests. The destruction of indigenous farming communities in Chiapas was documented in her online publication titled “Seeds of Genocide.” Together, Dr. Rehberg and her husband led educational tours to the state of Hidalgo in Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras and Palestine where politics and international economics challenged the livelihoods of small subsistence farms through the unsustainable practices of agribusiness. Dr. Rehberg currently lives, works and raises food in small gardens in Chattanooga TN, where she and her husband, Wes Rehberg enjoy a nonGMO and organic diet.