Speak out about GMOs

Community projects

Put your talents and creativity to work to improve the quality of life in your community. Whether it's organizing a farmer's market, painting a mural, composting, or launching a camp, community projects bring about awareness.

There are a vast number of people in the U.S., Canada, and the world who know nothing about GMOs. Most are happy to find out, and people are listening. Businesses are listening. Numbers are growing. Mother's Market chain has embraced the cause. Other grocery stores are coming on board. Kean's Coffee is supportive. Sharky's Woodfired Grill chain has vowed to not use GMOs. The Non-GMO Project label is becoming more prevalent. People are making food purchases using the information from the Institute of Responsible Technology's "Shopping Guide". Groups are forming to show films like "The Future of Food". Dr Mercola, Bronner's Soaps, Natures Path and others are making huge contributions to help get the message out. Protests are being staged. Close to one million people signed the ballot initiative petition for the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act of 2012. Jeffrey Smith, author of Seeds of Deception says, "America is at a tipping point regarding GMOs".

March Against Monsanto

The March Against Monsanto is an international grass roots movement as well as a protest against the Monsanto corporation and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

The movement was founded by Tami Canal in response to the failure of California Proposition 37, a ballot initiative that would have required labeling food products made from genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Advocates support mandatory labeling laws for food made from GMOs and oppose what they and others call the "Monsanto Protection Act", a policy rider found in the Farmer Assurance Provision.

The initial march took place on May 25, 2013. The number of protesters who took part is uncertain; figures of "hundreds of thousands" and the organizers' estimate of "two million" were variously cited. Events took place in between 330 and 436 cities around the world, mostly in the United States. Canal said that the movement would continue its "anti-GMO cause" beyond the initial event, and a second march occurred on October 12, 2013. A third march is planned for 24 May 2014.